Nahualli Folklore

Nahualli Folklore Society is a non profit organization established in British Columbia since 2010. Our purpose is to teach and perform Mexican Traditional Dance. The name Nahualli originates from a Mexican language called Nahuatl, it signifies an animal spirit or a transforming power that guides each person from the moment of birth.   Nahualli dance … Read moreNahualli Folklore

Roots Peruvian Folklore

Roots is a Peruvian Folk Dance group founded in October 2017 and is based in New Westminster, under the direction of Jessica Roca-Muncaster.The mission of Roots is to bring beauty, colorful and joy of traditional Peruvian dances to Canada. Their repertoire includes dances from the three regions of Peru: the Coastal, Andean and the Amazonian.Our … Read moreRoots Peruvian Folklore