Dulce Lopez

Dulce López, Mexican singer, performer and actress. She began her career at an early age, earning the 1st place in the children’s festival “Todos a Cantar” with the song “Papa Domingo”. Dulce began her artistic training at the Children and Youth CEA of Televisa. Her first musical was “Gypsy” beside to Mrs. Silvia Pinal and … Read moreDulce Lopez

Mazacote Big Band

Mazacote is a west coast Latin dance band, playing horn-driven New York salsa dura, and beats from Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Based in Vancouver, the band features the Nicaraguan singer-songwriter David Lopez, the Latin jazz trumpeter Malcolm Aiken, and a rhythm section with Chris Couto on timbales, Carlos Arias on bass, and Niho Takase … Read moreMazacote Big Band

Samba Fusion

Samba Fusion is a Vancouver’s dance group whose roots are based in Brazilian samba fused with numerous dance styles, music and rhythms. This dance group was formed by Andrea Monteiro and Naija K in 2009 because of their common dance background in samba. This multicultural troupe performs several styles of dance fusion including Brazilian samba, … Read moreSamba Fusion