Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera

Tomas and Gimena are two of the most requested artists in today’s Argentine tango. They toured United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Mexico and China, integrating important dance companies from Argentina and the United States; also as masters of tango dance. They performed at the world famous Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, … Read more Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera

Gallery talks and tour

Ukama Gallery is pleased to present the sculptural product of a unique international collaboration, between Dominic Benhura and IceBear. Their Mother Earth sculpture brings together Benhura’s celebrated expression of contemporary Zimbabwean stone sculpture, informed by the context of IceBear’s inventive extension of Indigenous Canadian artistic traditions. Internationally acclaimed Ojibwey artist, IceBear will be unveiling a … Read more Gallery talks and tour

Casa Meshiko Vancouver’s Aztec Dance

The artist Sharon MacGougan, member of the International Dance Council (CID), and Javier Romero, from Casa Meshiko Vancouver, will present a workshop on traditional Mexica dance. This type of dance was practiced by Mexica and Chichimeca warriors in ancient times. Included will be a talk about the meaning of this form of dance. The audience … Read more Casa Meshiko Vancouver’s Aztec Dance

Painting workshop

The artist Carmen Keitchs will teach different painting techniques, including Canadian and Latin American symbolism (with a focus on Inuits, Mayas, West Coast Salish, and Aztecs). The audience will experience 3D art making and learn how to paint based on indigenous symbols, traditions, and history. Each person will create their own painting during the session, … Read more Painting workshop

MAIZE, the Mesoamerican Alchemy Culinary Workshop

The audience will create some dishes based on traditional Aboriginal cuisine and learn the history of each dish. The Aboriginal chef Leonel Martin together with Imagia Cultural will teach the public about this topic. The workshop will include an opportunity for the public to share stories about what role food plays in their own culture. … Read more MAIZE, the Mesoamerican Alchemy Culinary Workshop

Roots Peruvian Folk Dance

Roots is a group of Canadians and Peruvians who present the traditional dances of the Coastal, Andean and Amazonian regions of Peru at festivals and shows in British Columbia. Roots was formed in 2017 under the direction of Jessica Roca Muncaster. The mission of the group is to share the beauty, colorful and joy of … Read more Roots Peruvian Folk Dance

Sierra Tasi Baker, MSc

She is an award-winning Squamish Nation, Coast Salish, Kwakwaka’wakw, Tlingit and Haida designer, community consultant, entrepreneur, artist, storyteller, choreographer, and knowledge keeper. Her work focuses on furthering indigenous design and contemporary art whilst focusing on daylighting hidden histories and reconciliatory narratives. Sierra is the choreographer for Butterflies in Spirit, an all-Indigenous dance group of men … Read more Sierra Tasi Baker, MSc

Axé Capoeira

Grupo Axé Capoeira began in Recife in 1982. Today, as Canada’s first academy of capoeira, the group continues to rise as one of the world’s leading capoeira organizations. Backed by worldwide releases of eight albums of music on CD, several VHS and DVD performance releases and the four volume instructional DVD compilation, enrolment continues to steadily … Read more Axé Capoeira