Quesava is Vancouver based but globally inspired.  We craft frozen foods that begin with simple, wholesome, mostly plant-based ingredients and Quesava dough, made from the naturally gluten free, vitamin and mineral-rich cassava root.Ready to heat and eat, its Cheese Poppers, Vegan Perogies, Vegan Ravioli, Vegan Samosas. We share our love with globally inspired foods that … Read more Quesava

Betty´s Greek Honey Ballz

Betty’s Greek Honey Ballz brings you handmade Loukoumades, a little ball of batter that is deep fried and coated with a warm and yummy honey syrup and then can be sprinkled with various toppings including sesame seeds, cinnamon, cinnamon sugar, walnuts, chocolate drizzle, or even ice cream. The honey balls are served warm and just … Read more Betty´s Greek Honey Ballz