Canadian telecommunications company which provides telephone, Internet, television, and mobile services all backed by a fibre optic network. In 1966, Shaw Communications Inc. was incorporated under the name Capital Cable Television. Five years later, under the leadership of JR Shaw, we made our first cable connection in Sherwood Park, Alta. This sparked a firestorm of … Read more Shaw

Nexus Education Consulting

Providing personalized education consulting services, by listening and understanding the needs of our clients and by offering the necessary services for anyone to complete their dream of studying in Canada. Nexus was created in 2009 and has always had the purpose of promoting the culture of exchanges in Brazil. After a few years, we have … Read more Nexus Education Consulting

Cambric Imports

We produce various type of unique handmade garment, bag & accessories products by using hand & traditional hand operating device from our cheerful, hardworking & very creative skilled artisans (both women & men). Cambric Imports Inc. (VANCOUVER 2014) was established in 1989, and has been manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling quality women’s clothing and accessories ever … Read more Cambric Imports

Canadian Blood Services

We are Canada’s biological lifeline. We are the connection between the sincere generosity of donors and the heartfelt appreciation of recipients, between the profound discoveries of science and the joyful restoration of health. Description: Our priority is to ensure the best possible treatment and care is given to patients. Every choice we make is guided … Read more Canadian Blood Services