Colombian IndiArts

Our business mission is to empower South American artisans in disadvantaged areas” We are passionate about creating opportunities for artisans to use their skills to improve their communities, standard of living and future outcomes.  Your support is truly appreciated! ❤️   Colombian Indiarts was founded in 2016 by two friends and university classmates: Valentina Pinzon and Paola Perdomo. … Read more Colombian IndiArts

Mexican Treasures

MEXICAN TREASURES LAUNCHED IN 2009 EAGER TO SHARE THE UNPARALLELED QUALITY OF MEXICAN SILVER CREATIONS WITH THE WORLD. The founder, Alicia Belmont, was raised in the world of jewelry. As a child she assisted in her father’s workshop. While watching him oversee his metallurgist artisans fabricating his designs she developed an understanding of jewelry trends, … Read more Mexican Treasures