Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

YVR Travel Plaza

Travelling is an enriching experience because it offers the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different traditions and enjoy new cuisines. Planning the trip is part of the fun because it combines ideas, creativity, budget and salivating anticipation of the foods we will eat! We can choose to travel abroad or in our own country. We can go by plane, train, car, bus, or a cruise ship. We can travel right at home through cuisines too.


Delicioso Cooking Show – Chefs del Sol

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Two chefs together for 40 minutes onstage, one creates as he “teaches” the other and vice versa. Then it’s the anticipated taste test between two professionals…

What’s in store when these chefs hit the stage? Enemies or friends, banter or insults, competition or collaboration, we do not know.

Will it be a show to remember? Yes indeed!

Gastronomy shows the cultural and social dimensions of each country. When we travel, spectacular landscapes and impressive monuments will be seen and appreciated, but food will always be one of the elements most remembered and enjoyed. The higher the quality of cuisine and level of service, the more fondly we will remember the towns and cities where they were encountered.  All this together makes a pleasant and unforgettable travel experience.

Our LA TAQUERIA Delicioso Chefs’ demos for this year’s Carnaval del Sol brings to us the opportunity, for the first time ever, to enjoy culinary demonstrations presented by twelve chefs of Latin American and Canadian heritage!

This show is no boring chef demo, this show is a throwdown of skills gained over years of experience travelling through the food scenes of the industry. These chefs will be bringing their history and knowledge through their dishes and recipes, each as unique as they themselves are. Come watch the friendly competition between these awesome chefs, ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, listen to their banter, watch the way they expertly create dishes and last but not least, see what chefs think of each other’s creations. Learn as they learn and be inspired as they inspire each other!

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