Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

YVR Travel Plaza

Travelling is an enriching experience because it offers the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different traditions and … enjoy new cuisines!

The “Chefs del Sol Cooking Show”

The Carnaval del Sol festival features our own outdoor kitchen, with demo’s for foodies and Local Star Chefs!
Our La Taqueria chef’s demo’s for this year’s Carnaval del Sol brings to us the opportunity to learn from Latin and Internally well-recognized chefs for 60 minutes onstage.
This is no boring chef demo, this show is a throwdown of skills gained over years of cooking expertise gained in restaurants around the globe.

Come watch these amazing presentations,, ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, listen to their banter, watch the way they expertly create dishes and last but not least, see what chefs think about Latin ingredients and how to boost your recipes with them!

The Travel Pavilions

In the 150th Canada’s Anniversary this year, we have decided to promote not only Latin American cultures, but also all the nature, beauty, and stunning touristic attractions that only Canada can offer. The Travel Plaza this year will have bigger tents, and will be an information hub of tourism and culture, as well as a celebration of Canada’s and Latin American’s cultures.

A completely new space for products and services originally from Latin America to promote and represent Latin American countries.

The Canadian Pavilion side of the Travel Plaza will showcase the best of Canadian Culture.
This is your opportunity to check out the FACE of Canada!

The Travel Experience Centre

Building a Bridge to Latin America

Carnaval del sol and Destinos Enterprises will provide for more than 100 thousand people the unique opportunity to know more about the beauty and culture of Latin America, and how easy this experience can be reached. Airlines, travel agencies and destination information: Everything about what a potential traveller needs to know!

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