Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

YVR Travel Plaza

Travelling is an enriching experience because it offers the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different traditions and … enjoy new cuisines!

The “Chefs del Sol Cooking Show”

The Carnaval del Sol festival features our own outdoor kitchen, with demo’s for foodies and Local Star Chefs!
Our La Taqueria chef’s demo’s for this year’s Carnaval del Sol brings to us the opportunity to learn from Latin and Internally well-recognized chefs for 60 minutes onstage.
This is no boring chef demo, this show is a throwdown of skills gained over years of cooking expertise gained in restaurants around the globe.

Come watch these amazing presentations,, ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, listen to their banter, watch the way they expertly create dishes and last but not least, see what chefs think about Latin ingredients and how to boost your recipes with them!

The Travel Pavilions

In the 150th Canada’s Anniversary this year, we have decided to promote not only Latin American cultures, but also all the nature, beauty, and stunning touristic attractions that only Canada can offer. The Travel Plaza this year will have bigger tents, and will be an information hub of tourism and culture, as well as a celebration of Canada’s and Latin American’s cultures.

A completely new space for products and services originally from Latin America to promote and represent Latin American countries.

The Canadian Pavilion side of the Travel Plaza will showcase the best of Canadian Culture.
This is your opportunity to check out the FACE of Canada!

The Travel Experience Centre

Building a Bridge to Latin America

Carnaval del sol and Destinos Enterprises will provide for more than 100 thousand people the unique opportunity to know more about the beauty and culture of Latin America, and how easy this experience can be reached. Airlines, travel agencies and destination information: Everything about what a potential traveller needs to know!

Our Chiefs

Jefferson & Marcela

Jefferson & Marcela

Jefferson Alvarez, Marcela Ramirez

Cacao Progressive Latin

Sunday 07/09, 3:00 p.m.


Self taught chef, Jefferson Alvarez left his home country of Venezuela at age 16 for Ottawa, where he attended Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Institute. His wanderlust and ambition shortly took him to Toronto to work at Centro under illustrious chefs David Lee and Mark Thuet.

Determined and hardworking, chef Alvarez decidedly absorbed as much knowledge around Toronto and had experiences at Pangea, Adega and Scaramouche, Canoe under famed chef Anthony Walsh, Aquavit and Morimoto. Alvarez took his first Executive Chef role at Tomi-kro.

Chef Alvarez has now become synonymous with amazing creativity and culinary expression, creating unique dining experiences, full of imagination and passion. In 2013, Jefferson was elected as Secret Location’s new Executive Chef where he joined pastry chef Kira Desmond to create 300 dishes in 30 days.


After being involved in several temporary projects after Secret Location, Alvarez is back at helm of a kitchen again at Cacao Progressive Latin with business partner Marcela Ramirez. At Cacao, Alvarez highlights flavours from places beyond his home country, including Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico, ingredients such as various types of Latin American maize, guava, plantain, leche de tigre, pipian verde, and all sorts of chilies. What makes his approach unique is that he incorporates them into distinctly Canadian items like bison, elk, and BC seafood.

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  1. Tomatillo Salsa and Tostones
  2. Arepa Reina Pepiada with Salsa de Tomatillo
Sabrine Dhaliwal

Sabrine Dhaliwal

Sabrine Dhaliwal

Uva Wine and Cocktail Bar

Saturday 07/08, 3:00 p.m.


Complexity without being complicated – it’s Sabrine Dhaliwal’s mantra when crafting a drink, and her refined, intellectual approach to cocktails has vaulted her well beyond bartending’s traditional gender imbalance into the local and global spotlight.

Dhaliwal has developed an ineffable grace and ease over the course of her career. From early stints behind the wood at Reflections at Rosewood Hotel Georgia and West to her current bar manager duties at Uva, creating individually memorable experiences for her guests has always been a top priority. As a Certified Spirits Specialist with a Level 3 Wine and Spirits Education Certificate under her belt, she brings an elegant sense of balance to her libations that charmed this year’s judges.

The bartending world sat up and took notice of Dhaliwal in 2015 – as the only female finalist, she won top honours at Belvedere Vodka’s international martini competition. Now the Canadian brand ambassador for Belvedere, she’s also a “Bitter Babe” ambassador for Vancouver-born producer Bittered Sling.

Sabrine is awarded Bartender of the Year 2017 by the Vancouver Magazine.

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  • Apoyo’s Sunset
    Inspired by Laguna de Apoyo, this bright and refreshing long rum based cocktail with coconut cream, lime juice, allspice and nutmeg, with a dash of Moondog bitters topped with soda water.
  • Blurred Borders
    The debate of pisco is a sensitive one and one that I won’t be going into today, let’s simply celebrate this beautiful spirit for what it is and show off how sexy it can be in cocktail. Spirit forward stirred pisco cocktail, showing that this South American spirit can do more than pisco sours.
  • Serra Do Mar
    A short shaken Cachaça cocktail, partnered with passion fruit, cassis, and lime. A tasty summer sipper!
Siddhartha Choudhary

Siddhartha Choudhary

Siddhartha Choudhary

Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen

Saturday 07/08, 2:00 p.m.


Chef Choudhary was close to completing his engineering degree when he decided to attend culinary school instead. He trained under a reputable chef known for his no-nonsense attitude. He was once told words he will never forget – one must do everything with heart or get out of the trade – and from that moment on he knew he was in the right profession.

He spent most of his career in Dublin (Ireland) where he led a fine-dining Japanese restaurant for years. During that time he perfected his skill in the art of presentation. In Europe he learnt the importance of using local, sustainable products and he has brought that philosophy here where he continues to support local farmers and producers.

Indian cuisine is not well represented when it comes to plating but he has learnt to apply his engineer’s training to breaking everything down and rebuilding it again, and his natural art to blending flavours and colours, which makes him a more methodical cook. Chef Choudhary feels the art within and transforms that to his dishes.


Cesar Madrigal

Cesar Madrigal

Cesar Madrigal
Operational Chef, La Taqueria

Saturday 07/08, 1:00 p.m.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Chef Cesar Madrigal’s early love of food began when helping his mother and grandmother prepare family meals. By the time Cesar was 8 years old he was often responsible for buying groceries and cooking dinner for his siblings while his mom was at work. Cesar attended the Culinary Institute of Mexico, and after a few semesters at the Institute, Cesar relocated to Canada where he completed his formal culinary training in Ontario.

Cesar has since lived in five provinces, and worked at different resorts and country clubs along the way. His most memorable experiences are working at Elk Ridge Resort in Saskatchewan and Cathedral Mountain Lodge in British Columbia, where he gained an appreciation for the land. It was in these remote locations that Cesar saw the Northern Lights for the first time and had access to fresh, organic British Columbia produce. Once settled in Vancouver, Cesar was Executive Chef at Air Canada YVR Airport.

After living in Vancouver for 3 years, Cesar took the opportunity to return to his culinary roots by joining the team at La Taqueria. Working alongside Mexican owners, Cesar’s desire to emulate an authentic Mexican taqueria experience is reflected in La Taqueria’s menu. Cesar infuses Mexican flavours in his dishes by using traditional techniques with fresh, local produce.

Cesar’s ideal day off consists of watching baseball or building furniture in his personal workshop, and eating any food he didn’t have to cook himself, like hot dogs and pizza. When asked what his death-row meal would be he instantly replied, “TACOS!”.


Tostadas with Tinga de Pollo, Beans, and Cabbage

Sheldon Maloff

Sheldon Maloff


Sheldon Maloff

Provence Marinaside

Sunday 07/09, 4:00 p.m.


Sheldon Maloff is a Canadian Executive Chef who takes his early experiences of cooking with his mother as his inspiration to conquer the food industry.

While living in Northern Canada it was a privilege for him to have homemade Jelly and Jams in the midst of winter, a luxury made possible thanks to the team effort of himself, his mother and friends dedicating summer days to this production. This was a decisive experience for his involvement in the kitchen. Once he became a chef he guided his career with inspiration, freshness and variety.

As an expert in Southern France’s cuisine chef Maloff will be bringing his expertise and positive influence to younger cooks and a whole new audience. Here he will take the opportunity to showcase Mediterranean cooking techniques.


Seared Halibut with a Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette, Sauté Greens, and Fingerling Potatoes

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