Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

Latin American Youth Video Contest

DEADLINE: JUNE 5th 2017, 5:00pm PST.


With Canada’s 150 Anniversary,  Latincouver and Carnaval Del Sol present a Youth Video Contest. We want you, latin american youth, to tell us your experiences since coming to “The True North”. You can win 2 flight tickets to Latin America!

This project gives you an opportunity to tell YOUR story, perhaps, even for the first time, We want you to show us what makes you, You! and how your cultural heritage helped you to be the person you are today!

Your point of view can inspire a lot of people around Canada – we all want to show how powerful our voices are and how much we can all offer in order to help increase  our intercultural understanding and acceptance in this world!

Before creating your video!

To help you out in the development of your script and storytelling, we want you to answer yourself some questions:

  • As a Latino, what is the most interesting part of your culture (food, music, language, family reunions, or even the games you used to play as a child) that has changed your life in the past, and keeps defining the pace of your life nowadays, and will in the future as well?
  • What are the bridges you can see that could close the gap between Canadian and Latin American cultures?
  • How our background can contribute with Canada’s cultural growth as whole?

Choosing the theme

You can represent the best of  yourself in whatever imaginative way you think it is best. Language, gaining new friends, self-expressing, or even finding a job to support yourself could be good ideas on your storytelling progress. How you are going to put all that together, it’s up to you – photographs, dancing, singing, interviewing your family!

Open your imagination and create an amazing story about your Latino side and you can be the winner for this contest, get Prizes, and have your video promoted on all Latincouver and Carnaval del Sol platforms!

With that said, Lights! Camera! Action! , and don’t hold back!

Apply Now
Full Rules and Guideline Download

General Rules
  • The video must be up to 3 minutes.
  • Applicants Age: 16-24.
  • Living in British Columbia.
  • All the content needs to be original.
  • Have latino roots and an amazing story to tell.
Selection Criteria
  • Creativity.
  • Originality.
  • Edition.
  • Storytelling line.
Important Dates
  • First place: 2 Flight Tickets to Mexico.
  • Second place: CN$ 200.00.
  • Third place: Gift certificate: dinner for two at a restaurant (on the value of $100).
How to send your video
  • Upload the story as a secret video on YouTube or Vimeo. We will keep in touch after June 5th with further orientation!

Apply Here

The deadline to receive video entries is 5 p.m. on JUNE 5th, 2017.

Video Link URL (Youtube, Vimeo, WeTranfer, Google Drive, or other)
(Youtube, Vimeo, or others (*in case of upload in file transfer by cloud platforms, this field might be optional) )
(options: Internet/Friends/School/Others - tell more)
  1. I have supplied accurate information on this OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM. Contact information will remain confidential and will not be used outside the video contest.
  2. The video I have submitted does not violate copyright laws and is the result of my own ingenuity and efforts.
  3. I understand if copyright materials are used it will result in automatic disqualification.
  4. I understand that the video I submitted will not be returned and that I have retained a copy for my own uses.
  5. I understand that the video I submitted will remain the property of Latincouver and may be reproduced.
  6. I have read and understand the OFFICIAL RULES AND GUIDELINES of the contest.
  7. I understand Latincouver will use my name, photograph, biographical information and statements for advertising and/or publicity and general communication purposes." Download"

If you have any question send us an email:

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