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Carnaval del Sol

World Cup Soccer Tournament 2016

Passion and excitement are some of the characteristics of the Latin American fans.  The Soccer Tournament at Sports Plaza in Concord Pacific Place, will be a great place to enjoy a Latino soccer experience. We are looking for twelve teams of 6 players each representing different countries will be playing for the Carnaval del Sol World Cup Soccer Tournament. HURRY UP REGISTER YOUR TEAMS.!

The Prize $1000 CAD
Tickets and T-Shirts from Whitecaps FC


  •   All teams must fill out the registration form and pay the fee by june 30th 2016
  •   The registration fee per team is CAD $200. (Min. 6 players)
  •   The Prize will be $1000 CAD, Tickets and T-Shirts from Whitecaps FC
  •   Payment can be made through credit card, check or cash
  •   18 years and older.
  •   The tournament will be held at Sports Plaza, Concord Pacific Place on July 9th and 10th 2016
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Subscribe your Team

Step 1.

Pay the inscription for your team ($200.00 CAD)

Also, You can pay your participation by Cash, Credit Card or Cheque in our Office. No fees applied.

Step 3.

Wait for us, We will contact you with more details


Step 2.

Fill your team information

Team Captain



Country to Represent

Team Players List


  • Each team must have 8 players; Men and Women are welcome!
  • Teams may be anywhere from four to eight players.
  • Teams cannot pick up players as the tournament proceeds
  • All players must sign consent prior to playing in the tournament
  • Game length will be 20 min, no half time
  • Every team is guaranteed 3 games. The more your team wins the longer you stay in the tournament.
  • Hockey size nets- there is a need for a goalie
  • Competition starts at 11:00 am.
  • All players may wear shoes of preference.
  • Each team member must have their own insurance; Latincouver and Carnaval del Sol are not responsible for any injury at the tournament.

Every player must sign a waiver a bring it to the Registration table before the tournament.

Waiver for Adults

Here you can find everything related to sport activities for all ages.

Sport has a great social value because it unites friends, family, groups and even countries.  Teaches us to be disciplined and have self-control. Additionally, sports or exercise practiced continuously helps us to be healthy and to have mental well being. Of course, not forgetting the fun part of playing sports!


Carnaval del Sol World Cup Soccer Tournament

The origins of soccer date back more than 2,000 years.  Ancient cultures developed games moving a ball with the feet including China, Greece, Rome and Mesoamerica.

It is considered that the English public schools were key to the creation of modern football, although no formal rules were recorded until the nineteenth century.   Teachers and alumni were the first to write formal rules of soccer to organize matches between schools. Modern history of the world’s most popular sport started in 1863, when in England the paths of rugby football and the football association went separate ways.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the governing body of international soccer, was formed in 1904. Nowadays, there are six federations with 209 member associations representing as many countries.

According to FIFA, more than 240 million of people play soccer regularly. Almost half of the world’s population watched the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

Vancouver Whitecaps one of our sponsor.  Participating teams can win tickets to go and see them play.  Also, there will be Whitecaps surprise prizes.

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