Sol Fiesta – Festa do Sol


February 10th

Brazilian Carnival

March 9th


April 13th


May 4th


June 8th


July 7th

Caribbean Party

Carnaval del Sol After Party


Various Locations and Dates

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Latincouver and Latin American Week present a variety of artistic performances where music bands, from a different nationality, will take the streets of Vancouver to take you on a musical journey.

Sol Fiesta Around Town offers a fantastic opportunity for those performers to actively engage with the community and to gain fun experience performing in the city and exciting environments.

There is no better way to express and truly understand different cultures, than through music. Latincouver loves to promote new talents and supports the dreams of new artists.

The Sol fiestas are going to show a little bit of what Carnaval del Sol is going to be this year, presenting bands and DJs that are going to perform at the main event.