Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week


Date: Tuesday, July 4th

Latin American Film night is an opportunity to showcase two films representing our heritage to more than 500 guests. Promoting and growing our film industries while spreading awareness of our artistic culture of Latin America in Vancouver. While we showcase to the Latin community one of the most important festivals in the city.

Director: Paz Fábrega
Release: 2015
71 min
Costa Rica
About the film:
VIAJE tells the story of two free spirited, young individuals that do not believe in self-compromise or in matrimonial ties. Destiny makes their paths cross at a party, where the mutual attraction leads them to give into their strongest passions. Luciana and Pedro embark on a trip to Rincón Volcano National Park, the place where they truly find themselves, and discover that love is but another journey.
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Director: Jefferson Mello
Release: 2015
87 min
Brazil and United States
About the film:
”Samba and jazz are brothers in blackness. They’re deeply related. They mix together in a way that no other styles do,” insists Alcione, the celebrated Brazilian sambista in the documentary SAMBA & JAZZ. She could also be talking about the cities of Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans, which gave birth to and incubated those trailblazing musical genres in their formative years.
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