Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

Green Initiative

CARNAVAL DEL SOL Festival’s Green challenge mission  is to work closely with the city of Vancouver and an educational institution to celebrate Vancouver’s environmentally-friendly willingness by molding our festival  into a green  hothouse, While uniting our attends through  ecological awareness and engaging volunteers to make a difference .

Area Of Action:

  • Smart Transposition
  • Recycling
  • Food Waste Awareness
  • Water And Smart Energy

There will be 10 stations distributed throughout the festival for the convenience of our attendees, so that they may dispose of garbage in an ecological manner. In order to answer any questions our attendees may have, and to promote our cause, there will be two knowledgeable informants at each station

There will be bike racks placed throughout so that biking is available for all. At each station we will have information on where the nearest Mobi bike station is located!

Our Partners

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