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Family Plaza

Carnaval del Sol celebrates family. We believe life should be grounded and well rounded. History and culture give us roots, while knowledge of health and wellness, financial stability, and environmental awareness will help us build strong futures. Fun and relaxation is just as important too!
We are proud to introduce AON and their strong commitment with Canada and local businesses’ and families’ growth and their safety and peace of mind to keep creating an amazing community.


“Fashion Show By Parvesh Jai Canada”

Saturday July 8th, at 4pm

Carnaval del Sol and AON Family Plaza are proud to present, for the 2017 Fashion Show, Parvesh Jai Canada as the main presenter on Saturday July 8th. With Indian roots, but profound engaged with the Latin colors and vibe, Parvesh Jai will rock the runway with a more than 30 outfits collection, highly connected with the Latin American fashion and design.
With dresses, skirts, hats and swimwear, in our Fashion Show’s second year you will be entertained, you will admire and you will covet

Shyan Owtram is a local fashion designer original from Uganda. Most of the influences on her designs are Latin based because she loves the culture and the music. She designs for both men and women and will show a variety of outfits on the runway!

Our Community Partner

Performing Artists

The Mercedes Benz Van Family Plaza is also proud to present the following artists:


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Artist 3


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