Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

Arts and Cultural Plaza

Arts and Cultural Plaza

The high energy and fun atmosphere of Urban Art Plaza is so infectious that the Exhibitors end up enjoying it as much as the attendees.

Latin American art in Vancouver takes its place proudly among the wide spectrum of cultural diversity our city has to offer. For many years, Latino artists have been fusing the influences rooted in the traditions they brought to the Pacific Northwest with those they have discovered here.

The Art Plaza at Carnaval del SolJuly 9th and 10th, brings to you the opportunity to infuse your senses with the infinite palette of their creative labour through the full gamut of artistic expression, including traditional painting, live painting, sculpture, photography, fashion, handcrafts and more. to learn more about the rich history of Latin-American arts.

All Latino art forms can trace their origins back to the collision between Iberian culture, with its significant formal and elaborate religious overtones, and those descendant from the highly evolved and organized Aztec, Maya and Inca Empires and other equally important indigenous lines of artistic pursuit. See and interact with the dramatic use of colour and imagery characteristic of the many examples of murals, displayed everywhere in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Come and see how that vibrant expressionism has transcended itself here into a unique West Coast Latino art form.

Included in the Carnaval’s treatment of painting will be Latino interpretations of “live painting,” a concept introduced into the North American psyche by LeRoy Neiman during the 1976 Olympic Games. Live painting is done in the moment, before a live audience, sometimes accompanied by music.

  • Latino sculpture can mean many things depending on the place of origin. Baroque styled carved wooden images, gilded in gold or plastered and painted, were produced by the Guatemalan Alonso de la Paz for example.  Greater divergence from the European mode can be found in the more flattened forms of sculpture such as that found in the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe enshrined in the exterior of the Cathedral of Sucre, in Bolivia.
  • Latino photography owes a great deal of its often stark impact to its use in documenting the struggles for social justice, struggles that often took the form of massive incidents of civil disobedience or outright armed revolutions.  As famed curator and photography expert Alexis Fabry has stated when referring to photographic exhibitions around Latin American culture, “In certain cases, politics and art were inseparable.”

    You may find hints of this past in the photography produced here in the cooler and more peaceful social change history of the Canadian environment.  See also how the vision borne out of the rich tropical flora and fauna of their birthplace blends with the British Columbian presence of gray skies, blue ocean and rich green forests.
  • Handcrafts are another way to create art that will be present in the Arts Plaza. Handcrafts are all types of work done using hands or simple tools and readily available materials. These activities generally are made for personal fulfillment providing personal satisfaction, decorative additions to the home, or, at a minimum, a way to disconnect from work or simply as an enjoyable pastime.
    Some types of handcrafts, without being exhaustive and overly detailed, are beadwork, felt, clay, tin, resin, pyrography, embroidery, crochet, sewing, patchwork, Paper Mache, mosaics, glass, origami, scented candles, jewelry and ceramics.

No matter what interests you in human expressionism there will be something here that will make the time spent at the Carnaval del Sol Art Plaza an enriching and memorable life experience.

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