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JULY 7 & 8, 2018


Carnaval de Sol is the biggest Latin festival in the Pacific Northwest. It will be 2 days of live music, art, dance, sports, and poetry in celebration of Latin American Culture. For 2017, Carnaval del Sol will bring together more than 350 artists from different Latin American countries.

The biggest Latin festival in the Pacific Northwest, Carnaval del Sol, recreates the atmosphere of a vibrant city plaza in Latin America. The arts showcased during this event include live musical bands (300 artist), Native Canadian and Latin American visual art, traditional folk dances from different countries, arts and crafts displays, dancing and culinary lessons (1 international chef, 10 local chefs) and a Latin American inspired fashion show.

Carnaval del Sol will be presented for the enjoyment of the Latinos and the local community. These activities are developed to engage and connect the various communities in British Columbia. Carnaval del Sol is the finale to the 10 day long Latinamerican Week Festival. The shared objective of Carnaval del Sol and Latinamerican Week is to act as a much-needed bridge between Vancouver’s rapidly growing Latin American communities and other communities. Arts and culture are universal languages that unite people and allow cities to grow and thrive.

The Venue is located at Concord Pacific Place, 88 Pacific Boulevard. Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R6.

This location is in front of BC Place stadium (Whitecaps stadium) and Rogers Arena.

The nearest skytrain station to the venue is Stadium-Chinatown Station, its about 4 min walking. Also #23 Bus line stop its just in front of the venue.

Carnaval del Sol is part of the Latin American Week (L.A.W.). Its our main event and usually is the closing event of the L.A.W.

This 2018, Carnaval del Sol will take place on July 7th and 8th 2018, from 10am to 10pm each day at Concord Pacific Place in downtown Vancouver, with a capacity for 150,000 people.

Come with all your Family (Pets are also allowed to come!) and Join Us this July 7 and 8!

Carnaval del Sol 2018 admission will be only $2.00 (Kids up to 12 years old and Seniors 60+, Admission is FREE)

The reason behind to start asking for this small amount in the entrance is to Improve the Security, Amenities as well to Support our Organization.

You can pay by Cash, Debit or Credit Card at the entrance or Online (available soon).

The Latincouver Business and Cultural Society was formed in 2008 and officially incorporated in 2010.

The mandate of Latincouver is “to create a socio-economic space to promote relationships and cultural exchange among Latin Americans and the Canadian mosaic.”

The mission of Latincouver is to be a leading social, cultural, and business organization that provides support for Latin Americans and anyone interested in Latin America to integrate into this community within a Canadian context. Latincouver creates physical and virtual spaces for people to meet and appreciate Latin American cultural, social and business development in BC. Our objective has been to find an inclusive way to promote these contributions with the purpose of unifying and integrating our communities in Canada.

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