Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

About Carnaval del Sol

Carnaval de Sol is the biggest Latin festival in the Pacific Northwest. It will be 2 days of live music, art, dance, sports, and poetry in celebration of Latin American Culture. For 2017, Carnaval del Sol will bring together more than 350 artists from different Latin American countries.

The biggest Latin festival in the Pacific Northwest, Carnaval del Sol, recreates the atmosphere of a vibrant city plaza in Latin America. The arts showcased during this event include live musical bands (300 artist), Native Canadian and Latin American visual art, traditional folk dances from different countries, arts and crafts displays, dancing and culinary lessons (1 international chef, 10 local chefs) and a Latin American inspired fashion show.

Carnaval del Sol will be presented for the enjoyment of the Latinos and the local community. These activities are developed to engage and connect the various communities in British Columbia. Carnaval del Sol is the finale to the 10 day long Latinamerican Week Festival. The shared objective of Carnaval del Sol and Latinamerican Week is to act as a much-needed bridge between Vancouver’s rapidly growing Latin American communities and other communities. Arts and culture are universal languages that unite people and allow cities to grow and thrive.


Carnaval del Sol will take place on July 8th and 9th, 2017, from 9am to 10pm each day at Concord Pacific Place in downtown Vancouver, with a capacity for 130000 people.


Carnaval del Sol is a Free Event!, Come with you family and friends to have an amazing time!

Location: Concord Pacific Place


The concept of Carnaval del Sol came from Paola V. Murillo, founder of Latincouver, who recognized some of the challenges immigrants faced during her time working at a recruitment agency. “Latincouver is our association where latinos and locals support each other,” says Paola. “With Carnaval del Sol, we bring that concept to life, like a “plaza”, to show the identity and strength of our network. The first Carnaval de Sol was in 2009 at the Hellenic Community with 500 people. For the last edition the event had 100,000 attendees .

Who We Are

The Latincouver Business and Cultural Society was formed in 2008 and officially incorporated in 2010.

The mandate of Latincouver is “to create a socio-economic space to promote relationships and cultural exchange among Latin Americans and the Canadian mosaic.”

The mission of Latincouver is to be a leading social, cultural, and business organization that provides support for Latin Americans and anyone interested in Latin America to integrate into this community within a Canadian context. Latincouver creates physical and virtual spaces for people to meet and appreciate Latin American cultural, social and business development in BC. Our objective has been to find an inclusive way to promote these contributions with the purpose of unifying and integrating our communities in Canada.

Latincouver has a long history of promoting its values:

  • empowering people, as recognized in Vancouver for creating regional business awards such as the “Inspirational Latin Awards”
  • promoting culture and art, as shown by actively seeking out partners, most recently at the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, International Trova Festival and many other successful cultural initiatives to give artists a platform
  • connecting communities, like when Latin Americans were recognized collectively and paraded together for the first time during the Canada Day Parade and received extended coverage on Shaw
  • creating business, the central piece of which is the successful business conference “Expo Plaza Latina” which hosted hundreds of delegates from 20+ countries.

Latincouver wants to be the place, the plaza, where you can find the perfect environment with the proper tools and specific networks you need to grow.

Our main programs that we have are:

LCPN Latin Canadian Professional Network – Breakfast and networking activities

Carnaval del SOL – Cultural event, supporting entrepreneurs in cultural activities

ExpoPlaza Latina Education seminars

Inspirational Latino Awards Recognizing people in the community

Online Digital Media – Training journalist in Social Media and online marketing

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