Carnaval del Sol - Latin American Week

PLAZAS (Activities)


Different artists and singers will be performing at different times, so be sure to check out the lists of bands we have coming and attend the Main Stage at the allotted times your favourite bands are performing.

Indulge in various genres and styles of music as we bring the Latin Community back into Vancouver!

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Latin American art in Vancouver takes its place proudly among the wide spectrum of cultural diversity our city has to offer. For many years, Latino artists have been fusing the influences rooted in the traditions they brought to the Pacific Northwest with those they have discovered here.

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Carnaval del Sol is really excited to offer our 500-seat Beer Garden, where folks can enjoy crisp, cold beverages and small tapas – Pinchos and Tacos – as they watch the Main Stage performers.

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Travelling is an enriching experience because it offers the opportunity to meet new people, learn about different traditions and enjoy new cuisines. Planning the trip is part of the fun because it combines ideas, creativity, budget and salivating anticipation of the foods we will eat! We can choose to travel abroad or in our own country. We can go by plane, train, car, bus, or a cruise ship. We can travel right at home through cuisines too.

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Carnaval del Sol celebrates family. We believe family life should be grounded and well rounded. History and culture give us roots, while knowledge of health and wellness, financial stability, and environmental awareness will help us build strong futures. Fun and relaxation is just as important too!

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Kids (and Moms) Plaza is where three to ten year olds can play and learn new and different activities in their own space. A perfect destination for them to have a great time, learn, and make new friends. Featuring KidZone with a robust selection of 90’s toys and games including retro video games and custom colouring books, every kid will easily be entertained while Mom is pampered inside her own Plaza!

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Latin American cuisine is the result of a mixture of national preferences dating back to pre-Columbian era, and the styles brought by the conquerors, settlers and immigrants. Natural products from each region are blended with new ones adopted from very remote places and every home has their own version of dishes that are beautiful explosions of flavours and colours. Savour your way through our cultures and enjoy the vibrant dishes of Latin Americans.

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We are looking for twelve teams of 6 players each representing different countries.

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Latin American Week Events

We received the proclamation for the “Latin American Week” from the Province of B.C. and work
along with the City of Vancouver to promote a multicultural scene.

Carnaval del Sol

“These two special festive weeks in July will be a wonderful, exciting, and inspirational opportunity to showcase and appreciate the vibrant Latin American spirit, through music, dance, film, sports, and so much more, including the Gala Awards event and ending the schedule with a fabulous Carnaval del Sol.”

A Message from Premier Christy Clark

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Pirate Delsol Carnaval Del Sol

Get Involved

Be a Vendor of Carnaval del Sol and Be a Sponsor of Carnaval del Sol


9th Annual Carnaval del Sol at Concord Pacific Place, July 8th and 9th 2017

From 10am to 10pm

88 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2R6.


  • It's the whole volunteers' commitment and awesome energy what attracts people to support Carnaval del Sol.
    Anna Paula Viveros MillaAnna Paula Viveros Milla - Volunteer
  • It is important that we have multicultural community events that allow our citizens to feel connected to their heritage and allow everyone to experience a bit of culture they may not be familiar with. As trade expands between North and South America, a connection between the people of Canada and Latin America are natural and necessary
    Mayor Gregor RobertsonCity of Vancouver - Proclamation Latin American Week
  • We are very honoured  to be representing Canada at the 2015 Carnaval del Sol! This is our 2nd year participating at this AMAZING event and we eagerly anticipate this years festivities! We feel privileged to be accepted by the Latincouver Team, as well as the Latin Community in Vancouver 🙂
    Candee Jones LemonadeCandee Jones Lemonade - Vendor

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